Sunday, December 4, 2011

The magic of the season...

...begins with a little bit of Photoshop magic :) 

This weekend I had a Holiday session with a sweet little family with whom I had recently taken newborn portraits. Their home was adorably decorated and the babygirl couldn't have been dressed any cuter! An indoor shoot with a not exactly cooperative little one is always a challenge, but I loved every moment of it. I love seeing new families, new little ones and new parents, still trying to figure it all out together. Capturing those moments in time brings so much joy to me!

Lucky for me, when a particular little person doesn't feel like cooperating, I have the magic of Photoshop to give me a hand...

before (sweet, sweet babygirl, but not exactly happy):

after (tada! Happy babygirl!):

I love being a magician :)

Here are a few more from the quickie Holiday Card shoot -- Enjoy!